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I’m not sure, to be honest. Haha. I’m simple, straightforward and I love to chatter about many things. I will talk about books and stories and tell about my travels and personal experiences. If this sounds good, never miss an update. Click home or scroll up and subscribe to my newsletter to never miss posts in the future and get full access.

About me

I’m an avid reader, an indie writer. I write time-travel and paranormal romance, and also contemporary. Sometimes.

I live close to the coast of Spain with my son and husband. I enjoy eating noodles with chopsticks while watching action anime. I love nature and adore animals. I love pictures and hang out on Instagram a lot @jessiewinterspring.

Visit my website: https://jessiewinterspring.com to see where I’m at with my book publishing.

Before you go, here are the list of places to find me:

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See you.



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READER | WRITER. She writes time-travel and paranormal romance, and also contemporary. Jessie lives in Spain with her biracial son and loving husband. She hangs out on Instagram a lot as @jessiewinterspring